Length of your CV

Many job seekers need advice on their CV, is it too long? Too short? Should it be only 2 pages long? All of these questions can be quite daunting especially when you have been happy in a role and not altered your CV. When you. When you speak to our experienced recruiters they will offer you good advice around the development of your CV and that being the length should be determined by your level of seniority and experience.

Your CV should not be any longer than 4 or 5 pages and this is only for the most senior of roles. It is key that you drive home the key points of your experience and really focus on them. Your CV should be as short as possible.

Be Relevant

From our experience, some CV’s tend not to be relevant, ensure that it only encompasses key points only and relevance is on the CV throughout.

The time you did at the service station back in 1989 was indeed, confidence building, but your CV needs to be tailored  to the job you’re applying for right here, right now.

Your Achievements

The most relevant information to include – and the one employers will be most interested in – are your achievements in previous roles. The more senior you are, the more achievements you should have under your belt and the longer your resume can justifiably be. However there is no need to list your experience from 10 years ago that will be relevant to the role as this is not required. If your able to, ensure that you can include facts and figures.

Provide a snapshot

Your CV should be short and snappy even summaries should only be a few words so that it provides a snapshot of what you are trying to convey.

Dates of employment with previous jobs, location of these jobs and whether they were permanent or contract positions are vitally important especially if you have many contract roles. It is key that you also explain any gaps in your history as this will be bought up by the recruiter/employer

It is key that your CV is full of facts! Especially in a senior sales role in which the figures are so important. Remember that this will be a key appointment for the hiring manager and they will want to see that what you say can be backed up.

If you need to convey that you are strategic, remember to state this in your CV so that an example of a strategy that you have implemented as this will be sought after.

Extra Tips

Don’t repeat yourself.
Are your previous jobs saying unique and different things about you and adding different facets to your career, or simply emphasising the same points? Say it well, and say it once.
Use active language, avoid clichés, jargon and florid sentences, and keep paragraphs and sections short. Get to the point and don’t be afraid of the delete button. Don’t go into excessive detail, only use detail that’s core to the job and that backs up your case.